Classics from a catalogue


When the new Sportfish mag arrived recently my six year old Pippa and I sat down to read it. At first Pips wanted to look at bags and was keen on those silvery grey Simms waterproof bags.
Then I got her onto the fab Fulling Mill pages of salmon flies (many by ace tyer Ronald Sutherland) but I was amazed at Pippa’s favourites which she lost no time pointing out, unerringly going to some classics:
Sunray Shadow, Red Frances (“looks like blood!”), Editor (there you go, Sandy, pure class), a traditional Templedog tube, Gold-bodied Willie Gunn and an orange Flamethrower…
(Actually just to add one of the first flies Pips marked with her felt pen was a Hugh Falkus Sunk Lure: is it to be a break from parental prejudice to go night fishing for sea trout?)
Now I am convinced she has the makings of a salmon fisher, & with her fly choice every chance of success.
As they say over on Twitter: #proudfather


C&R, by Andrew Giffin


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