Flies for Kitza


I took this photo on the Kings Cross – Ely train on one of those little tables supplied by First Capital Connect. As I arranged the flies for the shot a smartly dressed lady who got on at Cambridge (probably an academic judging by the book she was reading) gave my mini photo shoot and its subjects an amused glance but said nothing. You can just see the cup of my flask which has done service on the banks of several rivers in this Blog.

Popped into Farlows yesterday lunchtime and it was very good as ever to talk to Brian (Fratel). He was on excellent form and he tantalised me with the promise of a one day salmon fishing trip to the Test in July! Hmmmm..
As usual Brian regaled me with the galaxy of his famous friends I ‘had just missed’. On this occasion I’d just missed Mark Bale of Sage rods (last time, on my birthday visit in February, when I had my seminal Fratel cuppa in the Pall Mall basement, I’d just missed John Rocha the fashion designer who has fished with Brian for years in Russia).
Anyway, Farlows is a shop so I did some shopping:
Brian looked at my selected packets of extra strong Guideline tube hooks in 4s & 6s at the till and said They’re not for Kitza are they? “No Brian, Gaula!” “Ah”. In fact neither Brian nor I are going to Russia this year (well there is a chance..), but I bought the flies pictured above for my friend David who is fishing Gaula with me in August but is also fishing Kitza first week of June. The only thing is, David is quite traditional about his fly fishing and likes to use traditionally dressed singles and doubles but I will say in my letter to him today that if he uses these they will catch Kitza salmon and I am backed up by salmon fishing legend and Varzuga and Kitza veteran Mr Fratel on this as he approved my choice!
Meanwhile Roxtons launched their Varzuga blog this week at Varzuga.com & I thoroughly recommend it. Friends Bill C and Phil J go out there today and I wish them the tightest of tight lines at Middle camp as they help open the Kola salmon season. They will not be short of water but Charlie White tells me the river is “hooching” with fish ..


Jess James plays a good salmon, with his rod almost perpendicular to the water, on the Varzuga at Sabacchi rapids last June. I had been walking past him to fish upstream, with Eoin Fairgreave when we saw the whole thing and as posted on HSA previously, I took a video of it too, which ends with Jess catching and releasing his salmon in the heavy flow, then wading out of the water towards us with the memorable phrase: ‘Well that was a ******g perlava’.
Later, before lunch I fished the same spot and was able to catch two salmon there which was very exciting in the fast flow. It’s just occurred to me I have the shot Jess took of one of those fish, so here it is (below). Igor with the net ,, Note the well bent rod which was a 15ft Vision Catapult and contrasts with the angle in Jess’s version although that was earlier in the fight!



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