To be or not to be that is the Gweestion

I am hooked up with another WordPress blogger, Moyfisher of
Now my knowledge of the geography of Ireland is limited to Dublin, where my brother lives, and Lough Mask, where I fished in 2006 (I was writing a feature for Trout & Salmon mag) with the late and great fly tyer, Rod Tye & Peter Gathercole.
Now Moy Fisher is, I think, blogging for the East Mayo Angling association & I enjoyed catching up with his latest post today & the Gweestion of my headline is not a Samsung keyboard literal but a stretch he fancies should produce some nice springers still, before the ever-later-running grilse wang up the Moy a few weeks from now.
Just to add that Moy Fisher makes the point that the banning of the Irish drift nets has made a huge difference to the runs of fish on the Moy and we know who to keep thanking for that (in Ireland and elsewhere and preferably with a donation when you get the chance to help fund the ongoing programme of salmon nets buy outs): Orri Vigfusson & NASF.

‘So’ (everyone’s starting their clauses with So these days, aaargh!!!) it’s 10 days till I head out to start my 2013 season on the Gaula. Enrico Cristiani, Daniel & the team have I know been busy getting the brand new Norwegian Flyfishers Club traditional Norwegian style fishing lodge ready further up the valley and have added at least two new fishing beats to the rotation.

Can’t wait to hook up.


I took this photo of a wheatfield at the Norwegian farmhouse of Lundamo where I shall be staying/hosting this year. Join me on my hosted August 4-11 week and this could be our view out of the window of the kitchen as we have breakfast! Important to note that about 150 yards down a woodland path from here is one of NFC’s productive lower (below Gaulfossen rapids) beats, L1.

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