That was quick!


Too quick really, after working on the Friday in London I was not able to get out on the Gaula fishing until noon on Saturday.
I had missed a midnight session at Renna pool and a morning at E2 but it was great to meet Daniel Stephan and John (pictured above), my rotation fishing partner down at E2 & drive with them up to the New Pool at Storen.


I took lots of footage and stills of that first session with my GoPro which I’ll post in due course, but we ended the day blank & in fact it was Sat evening when the first NFC fish of 2013 was caught by French journalist Olivier who I met last year. He took a 20lb salmon from L1, congrats! Come to think of it, no, Olivier’s was the second fish, the first was taken on the E beats Saturday afternoon, with 2 other fish lost, so not bad.

More in due course on the Gaula, whose new Lodge pool is pictured below.

But just to end this post with the very happy news that fly fishing friend David Hopley caught ten salmon in a single day out on the Kitza yesterday according to Roxtons blog.

I will be even more pleased if I hear he caught any of them on the flies I gave him (see previous post)!



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