Norway sunset


Coming in to land at Trondheim’s Vaernes airport at 11pm on Friday I was struck by the beauty of the red on the horizon to the north over the fjord.


It’s an other- wordly place of beauty and as I walked over the tarmac on landing I turned to try and capture more magical light.

It’s no wonder Roald Dahl set his witches book there, which I recently read to Pippa, 6. Well that and his Norwegian ancestry! (I mentioned to Pips how I once met Dahl’s model neice, Sophie at a London party, but that’s another story: she was more interested in the antics of the cigar smoking ‘grandmama’.)


So here are a few more photos of the trip. First, John fishing the tail of Gaula’s Tilseth Run on Sunday pm.

And looking upstream..


And fishing..


And finally Looking downstream at the NFC’s beautiful new Lodge pool on Monday..


In the rain..

More anon. Have been emailing Charlie White out in Varzuga today which is always enjoyable.


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