Well that was good (Spey)

Love the Spey. Hope to come back


Have taken lots of photos so will post more here in due course.
Anyway it’s obviously fantastic to visit a new river and have some success but most of all thanks to my comrades in arms of Laggan House for a thoroughly enjoyable 3 days – Vivian, Kay + Mr Welham, (your oysters tonight were magnificent) and Christopher: many thanks.

Thanks to Cathy who emailed me the above photo she took of me fishing Carron pool. Am I posing? It’s perfectly possible. More follows:


The trusty silver bullet at the Carron Bridge hut. Why photograph a hire car? Who knows, we fishermen are an odd bunch at times but it seemed ‘of the moment’ – and after all it was a good little motor which took me on the 1100 mile round trip..

Meanwhile here are some images of a great mini break with a very good day 1 haul.


Fishing down Carron Pool – also called Gas by our bank – with Delchapel in the distance.


Near the same spot, taken on a pre-breakfast walk earlier that day from Laggan House – the lupins in full bloom (ok Sandy?!)


Host Christopher makes a cast with his light blue Carron line which did the job nicely (see picture below).



My first-ever Spey salmon swims steadily out into the main flow of the Spey after I released it.


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