What a difference a week makes.
This time last week I was celebrating being on the River Spey and catching my first Spey springer. Today I’m working back on the printing presses of London town.

Last week the Spey was running at a couple of inches over summer low, today it’s in surging 5ft flood.


My Spey fish goes back

Well this is a shot of Lower Griggles, or should I say Big Griggle, looking straight out to the place I hooked my salmon on Monday (which I have neglected to yet mention took one of Ross Macdonald’s Park Shrimp coneheads fished off a full floating (Rio PowerSpey, aptly enough!) Line (& Vision Cult 14-footer).

It was also good last week, via the Laggan House WiFi connection to catch up with Sandy Leventon who knows this water well. Sandy wrote: “I have had fish from the Griggles – Carron rods call them Big Griggle and Little Griggle, but I think Millionaire’s Corner and the bit below –Mid Cast – are my favourites.”
Anyone who read T&S over the 18 years Sandy edited it would appreciate that a love for the Spey, for a long time bound up with his defining friendship with Arthur Oglesby, lies at the heart of his salmon fishing. (Sandy of course, still works on the magazine as Consultant editor.)

So here as well as Griggle is a photo of the hut half way down Millionaires where I fished on Tuesday morning, and also my room with a view at Laggan House taken with the fish-eyed GoPro. You can actually see the tail of Delchapel pool in the distance, from which two of our party caught salmon.



Finally on the Spey, online fly fishing pal John Westerman (@johnlwestie) hooked up with me as I fished last week. He is fishing Spey tributary the Avon next week with friends and said my posts “were not helping him sleep”!

He noted the gauges at Aberlour were up to 2ft 9in at 7pm Monday evening so was looking forward to sport. Tight lines, John! Hope to put your pictures up here.

Anyway next up on the 2013 Salmon Adventure is the Nith. Last year my father caught a 10lb salmon while I failed to convert my best two chances of the week: a pull from a resting salmon to the fly in the head of a pool and losing a grilse on the fly rod after a minute or so, but great to get another chance in a couple of weeks.


Blog from the Bog, July 2012, with fine views of Nithsdale!

Loyal readers may remember the Blog from the Bog (the only place I could get a signal). It will be back unless the 21st century’s arrived in the Galloway hills (hope not).
So just to leave you (below) with this ‘rod’ shot of perfect July fly water after rain on the Nith.


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