Midnight quick one

Just before I turn in for the night, a quick post here to draw attention to the ever-fascinating Roxtons Varzuga blog (at Varzuga.com).

The descent down to Middle Varzuga camp, about 15 miles north of Lower, where we had a cup of tea at the lodge in the following pics before taking off again

The descent down to Middle Varzuga camp, about 9 miles north of Lower, where we had a cup of tea at the lodge in 2011 before taking off again while on a flying visit.

Out there on the Kola, Roxtons founding director Christopher Robinson is in great form. To a certain extent he and his rods – who include fishing pal and Kola veteran Rob Waddington – are up against it, with warm water temperatures and low water but they decided to deal with the heat wave by fishing at night, turning their days around and sleeping in the afternoon, then kicking off at 10pm and fishing thro the night, hence the following, which describes their return to camp in the early hours of this morning after a successful night when I was delighted to see Rob ‘Coltrane’ Wad caught five salmon:

Christopher writes: ‘On the subject of food, we had a bit of a debate over our eggs and bacon on return. Markye had sent us off into the night with a light picnic and I included a reasonable ration of vodka and the shot glasses – a toast or two under the rising sun at 2:30 kind of rounds off the surreal experience of fishing all night. We were not sure what to call breakfast after fishing at night – Rob said it was really dinner, Chris thought it was brunch and Gerry G said he didn’t care, had no idea what the time was let alone which day it was.’

Doesn’t that just capture the whole surreal jet-lagged (an under-statement) experience and willing yet wonderful disorientation of a true fishing adventure? There is real fishing gumption and bravery being shown out there in the face of adversity with temperatures of 30 Deg C in the shade in daytime in the freak conditions and 18 Deg C at 4am, and in today’s update, with water temperatures of 25 deg C (hard to comprehend). This is obviously having an impact on the fishing but I wish Christopher, Rob and their team all the best and tight lines for the rest of this week.


The beautiful gold icons in Varzuga village church, about six miles downstream of Middle camp, where the team now are. I took this shot during my first Varzuga visit in 2010.


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