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Sea-trout, 18lb, caught by Roddy Dickson 7 years ago at Ellisland pool. Roddy, who I’ve been lucky to meet several times (I wrote a Trout and Salmon article about him five years ago) had two of these beautiful mounts set up – one in his house and this one at Robert Burns’s Ellisland Farmhouse museum where the great man lived from 1788 to 1791 and wrote many of his most famous poems/songs.

Next week I am fishing the Nith. Despite some nice little rises of water in the past few days the mother of high pressure systems is now firmly stuck over us and barring a summer thunderstorm it will be morning and evening fishing all the way.
But with fish like this eighteen pounder, above, a possibility on a beautiful part of this Solway river, and grilse and salmon running I’m looking forward to it.

Ed Baxter reports the following Nith catches, on the FishNith website, to yesterday July 8: Dumfries Burgh – 4 Sea Trout of various weights
Mid Nithsdale Angling Association – 4 Salmon of various weights
Upper Nithsdale Angling Club – 1 Salmon of 10lbs

So not too bad really, with Mid Nithsdale being the water immediately above us – surely there will be some salmon and sea-trout lying in the low water of Porters, Sandbed, Burn, Thorney Bank, Craigs et al. My latest plan is to try a hitched tube fished off a single handed rod and in this I was inspired by Jan Erik Granbo’s website where there is an excellent tutorial on fishing these little plastic flies. Haven’t got the link here – I’ll put it up in due course.

Finally, it was fun to see the photo of releasing my Spey fish up on the FishSpey catch reports page today. I was a bit *n*l in asking Tom at Fishpal to change the caption from Gordon Castle to Carron & Laggan which he’s now done: Thanks Tom!


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