Red Butt


Steffen Juhl of Salmon Junkies kindly said yesterday I could post this photo of the Red Butt salmon fly on HSA. I dunno there is just something about this fly that screams the essence of our sport.

A bit of Silver Stoat, that red flat braid tag and fluofibre tail, as tied by the Junkies’ ‘in-house tyer’ Thorsten Strüben, the fly is a classy beast.

In that classic Falkus livery of black, silver & red the Red Butt is, confirms Steffen, ‘one of the best flies for Umba & many other Kola rivers’ so here it is, and besides I don’t show enough flies on this blog I reckon.

We of course touched on the sad events out there on the Kola Peninsula (see my previous post) but Steffen confirmed the Umba autumn programme would be up and running and he sets up camp there as soon as August 15.

So there it is, a nice fly, life goes on and I’m going salmon fishing again a week on Sunday. Of which reports and pictures here in due course (of course). Three hundred of you dropped by in the last couple of days so thanks, keep it up and I hope you are going fishing too and if so… Tight lines.


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