It’s got to be Gaula! (Part 2)

Hi. I am lucky enough to be fishing the Gaula next week in Norway.

Heavy rainfall yesterday has lifted the river about five-fold. At this time of year this should be bringing plenty of fresh fish in and stirring up residents. Both Gaulfossen (190 cumecs or metres-cubed per second as I write) rapids and Eggafossen further upstream are showing good rises today.

About 2 weeks ago there was a smaller rise in water and despite a slowish start to the season (in Norway as elsewhere, especially Scotland), the fish suddenly started to run and were caught on the first-class salmon fly water of the Norwegian Flyfishers’ Club, ranging in size from grilse of 5lb (yes that small) to big Gaula lumps in the upper twenties and it’s an exciting prospect.


David H, in good form heading Gaula-wards with me – Tilseth House where we’ll be again this time in the background of shot – last summer

The weather forecast is slightly (what’s that sign you make with your hand when you simultaneously wiggle your little finger and thumb in a horizontal plane?) well that’s what I mean. Basically for the coming days Norway’s Trondelag region seems to be caught between a series of low pressure systems coming up from Scotland and a high pressure system over Germany.

Either way I think it looks pretty good for fishing if the fish turn

up and I shall be blogging as often as I can get hooked up to ‘Linkseys’ (you have to be a Gaula old-hand to know what that Tilseth House geo-wi-fi-reference means lol).

To all of the rest of you fishing, Tight Lines!!!

Looking downstream from the Junction

Looking downstream from the Junction

To those of you who are not I sympathise but perhaps you would like to fish with me out there in 2014? Get in touch if you like the idea.

So there it is, will post soon, looking forward to hooking up with some very good friends and friend and fishing partner for the week and star of Roxtons’ Kitza season this year David H who will feature in the next reports…

STOP PRESS!!! JUST HAD AN UPDATE FROM NFC’S DANIEL STEPHAN TO SAY HE’S JUST TODAY CAUGHT A 12LB SALMON FROM THE NFC WATERS! HE ALSO WRITES: “much nicer fish been caught by clients… 10kg this morning some other decent sized fish as well”.


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