Day 5 Gaula: Lost a fish!

You can’t beat it for that slightly sinking feeling.
But that’s what happened today to me at Tilseth.


It wasn’t a very big fish: as small as 2.5lb, 3lb, 4lb max? I think a grilse or sea trout & David thinks sea trout.
The fish took the small green tube fly pictured still on my rod on the car here.
It jumped, then held in deep water under my rod tip for one or two minutes. I wound lots of line back on to my reel then the fish, a real beauty, bar of silver, swam below us towards David with the net then suddenly took off, went on a run and finally jumped, shedding the hook.


The photo above, which like the fly picture I took just now as I cook sausage risotto for dinner (real blogging rock and roll lol)  shows the view from Tilseth house to Tilseth pool where today’s action happened.
So there’s still time for that elusive fish (on the lovely BS1 Upper pool tonight..).
And there are positives: a rise in water today, up to 45 cumecs at Gaulfossen. So the water was rising a bit all day and colouring a bit. But now should be good tonight and tomorrow and Sunday morning.

Evening update: back from the Upper pool to find via Stefano that the water was rising all evening (to 65 cumecs at Gaulfossen now) so not surprisingly we had no action. Fish will run now, tomo could be good.


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