Quick update

ImageOkay, non-fishing post alert (a September HSA tradition). This is a rather nice sunset we had last weekend. Note, if you can see it, the ladder on the ground: I’ve been spending all this non-fishing time up a ladder doing brickwork of late. The result is okay but can’t wait to fish again.

On which subject, sadly I am not going out to the South-west Miramichi this year. I shall have to go next year as the camp was perhaps just too new and it was hard to interest rods (you lot) sufficiently. My fishing friend Christopher is out there now, I hope collating great fish shots and reports of the fishing and these I will share with you in due course.

I don’t know if any of you saw my YouTube video of hosted fishing possibilities. If you just post this into your browser

Or click this link (will hopefully work), then you can see the trips I have already done in 2013 (2 to the Gaula) & those I’d hoped to do. Of these, for 2014 season, the Gaula is definitely on, and possibly Week 1 (second week of May) at Middle Varzuga camp but I need to speak further with Roxtons about this.

The only other VERY exciting possibility next year is a trip to this place:


..it’s a camp on the Kanektok in Alaska and offers “the best in the world for swinging for Kings, shallow and fast” according to Norwegian Salmon Adventurer Reid Hagelin.

There is also of course, the Nith and Miramichi (did I say that), which again would be in week 3 September 2014.
Everything to look forward to then.


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