It is good to see

.. new followers coming to this blog, and also good numbers of hits over recent days.

The upper Nith in October

The upper Nith in October

And it makes me feel a bit guilty because I have been pretty quiet of late.

All that will change, however, in a few days as I aim to blog daily from the River Nith from October 7-12.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on something a bit longer and I’ll post it up here in due course.

What else? The fish are really starting to run the rivers in Scotland now, in particular the Tay and Aberdeenshire Dee, where Neil Stephenson (of Dark Horse Templedog fame) at Kingcausie (7 fish two weeks ago and was on 6 last week and counting!) and Jim Coates (14 for 3 days at Park, then he returned on the Saturday to catch a Kola-esque 11 for the day from the same beat!) have been pulling them in.

Let’s hope the fish have the wit to trundle round to the West coast of Scotland, specifically the Solway Firth because I could do with a bit of action before I hang up my waders for the winter.

Mind you, I should find something to write about any road, so I hope you’ll follow me there.
Now just for a bit of fun, here’s Russ (Russell HiIl) who joined me on the Nith two Octobers ago for a memorable couple of days, doing his rodless cast up on our top beat:



We had a good time up there with plenty of laughs which suited the mood (I was between jobs) and I must catch up with him (Russell are you reading this?)

You can just see the river there, doesn’t it look nice? Plenty of rain coming and I’ll be there soon, yay!


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