Quiet life

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently.
Been settling in to what looks a very long close season ahead but with some fishing at the end of it which will be well worth waiting for. Sorry to sound mysterious!
Did you catch your Christmas salmon? I didn’t, but in these days of C+R that’s often the way of it.
I’ve got one in the freezer that is getting on a bit so may get it heavily cured/ smoked & should be good.
Finally I went to a dinner of 196 other fly fishermen in London last week at the Savoy hotel. My friends from Farlows were there (with news of a new Russian owner) and many others so it was a good bash. I had a short conversation also with Kola Peninsula legend Peter Power at one point which was a bit of a thrill!
Still working on my short story about a fishing hat: watch this space!

Meanwhile may your Christmas shopping trips be mercifully brief and your 2014 fishing plans well advanced. You are welcome to join me on the Gaula August 3-10 let me know!


Just to post this one I took of the sun rising in the east one morning about 8am, last month in Nithsdale. Saw it from the car and just had to take a photo.



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