Someone’s reading it!


The NFC’s Upper Pool on the Gaula. Now owner Per Arneberg has added another pool, the upper stretch at Lundamo, just upstream of beat L1 for those who have fished it, to NFC Rotation fishings for 2014.

Stats are interesting to a blogger. Even when all is quiet (on New Year’s Day sorry that’s a bit confusing just before Christmas!), they give an insight into who may or may not be giving a mullarky about The Past as blogged on these pages. All of which is to try and introduce the astounding news that someone – Someone, you know who you are! – clicked on to my home page and archives 85 times – yes eighty-five times – yesterday. Out of a total hit yesterday of 91.

So thanks. And to try and compensate you for all that time travel (hope you enjoyed it/it all happened/it’s all real) then here is an unpublished photo just to keep you interested. It’s David H, fishing friend who I missed at ‘The Club’ by half an hour today, who in this photo is fishing the Norwegian Flyfishers’ Club’s Home Pool last August.

It’s a rather nice place to be isn’t it – Maela, or ‘Home Pool’ house in the background on the left bank and a nice summer flow coming through? I think so and David is coming out again next summer to try and catch his Gaula salmon there.

And elsewhere. Happy Christmas everyone.DCIM100GOPRO


A nice looking fish it was


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