Well travelled less travelled


Phil Jones, writer and Norway fishing friend, with a salmon from Middle Varzuga, Kola Peninsula, May 2013. Phil caught and released 60 salmon for his week!

Just been inspired to put my first effort of 2014 up here on HSA (3 1/2 years old now and creaking at the seams but still a goer I hope). The occasion was reading a nicely written blog post by someone whose words I used to sub on Angling Times at one point, Dominic Garnett, about fishing the flooded flats of the West Country during the wild & soaking weather we have had over the past days and weeks.

His blog, CROOKED LINES – The escapades of a fishing mad writer (www.dgfishing.co.uk) – kicks off like this:

“Like a wet weekend in April, hardly a typical January day for fishing. Bits of the Westcountry are already resembling a war zone, with sandbags piled at villagers’ doors and police tape aimed at keeping the public from treacherous flooding. And in the midst of it all, some idiots still want to go fishing. I am one of them.”

It’s nice to see a fellow fisherman acknowledging the off-kilter, less than 100% middle of the road, downright left-field nature of their passion, and enjoying writing about it.

It’s how I feel about fishing and fishing people. We’re a zany bunch with a tendency to inhabit metaphorical territory that borders on obsession, and literal territory that is well away from the sunny Mediterranean, or Cornwall – a holiday on the Arctic Circle (I mean literally on it, or just 20 miles to the south, being eaten alive by black fly in late June anyone)?

Because that’s where I feel drawn – and Scotland, Norway and Canada – and if one, two or more of these destinations drops off the list this year, well it’s time with my family this year for at least one holiday week.

Which, after all, is just normal. Happy New Year chaps and tight lines in season 2014!



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