Tough on the Tay but not that tough


Thanks to Robert White’s salmon-fishing-blogspot website for this nice picture of John Bennett with a cracking spring salmon caught at Glendelvine on the mighty River

Tay in the past few days since the river kicked of the 2014 Scottish salmon season on January 15.

I just love the look of this fish, a real beauty down from the Arctic ice I bet. Has a sort of Russian look to it, almost. A harbinger of wonderful fishing this year we hope. 

I know the constant fearsome rainfall and dreich storms have messed up the early Tay fishing fortnight somewhat, but after I was unable to take up Brian Fratel’s kind invite to the opener it was a pleasure to drop by at Farlows yesterday to get a first hand account of Fred’s 12lb springer, congrats Fred. And the, er, social life they had up there with a team that included Lord Coventry and Ian Mcdonald, and of course Brian who was looking well.

That’s all for now, better get some sleep, but that fish has reawakened the fishing mojo in this salmon adventurer for sure, for now 😀


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2 Responses to Tough on the Tay but not that tough

  1. Good work Henry! I love it when people as enthusiastic as yourself create a blog and speak about fly fishing! Best hobby in the world in my eyes! 🙂

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