8 May (3)Our Pippa’s favourite film at the moment is (Disney’s) Frozen. In which the redoubtable Anna (yes, Pippa has the wig, and looks lovely in it) searches for her ice queen sister, Elsa, amid the frozen wastes of what looks like northern Finland.

Well not a thousand miles away from there, literally, is the salmon fishing paradise that is Russia’s Kola peninsula and specifically the Varzuga, where on the lower camp Christopher Robinson and his team have now arrived.

Frustratingly, and I really feel for both them and the rods concerned, the decision has had to be made to cancel week one of Roxtons’ Varzuga season as the big thaw has not really happened and the river is, well, frozen (although the shot above that appeared on – the Varzuga blog, now up and running again, yay – today shows the clear water in Sobocci rapids outside C R’s office window).

The team, who include lower camp manager Bill Drury and new middle camp manager who I look forward to meeting out there in June when the terrain will look very different, Terry Mallin, are getting sorted out and, who knows may have a Sobocci fish out by the ice-bound shores for a quick photo before too long.

Just to leave you for now with this Facebook photo (apologies/thanks to my FB friends) of Christopher, whom I shall also see at the middle camp in June, and team outside Murmansk a couple of days ago, before they took the Umba road minibus for Varzuga. It captures the essence of these exciting days.



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    Nice post hubby x

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