She’s breaking, the river that is

She's breaking, the river that is

This photo appeared on the Varzuga blog today. It shows Terry M, Donna and Maryke from the Roxtons Varzuga staff out by the side of the river at Lower setting off on a shopping trip to Varzuga village.
The news is better from out there with ice breaking up to some extent anyway. My pal, Craig, a veteran of Varzuga 2011 where I met him and who subequently came on my hosted River Gaula trip, is out there next week so I hope for his sake things warm up a bit and the river does not swell up so much it affects fishing too much.
Having said all that my week is the very last week of the season in late June and frankly the slower the start to things now, the more water, snow and ice holds up in the windswept tundra and stunted silver birch of the Kola, the better for me!
By the way, the object Terry is holding is a radio-controlled model helicopter from which he slings a Go-Pro camera to take aerial shots (as used by Daniel Goz in his Gaula movie opening sequence to devastatingly beautiful effect).
But I couldn’t help thinking it looks like a weapon used by Darth Vader’s Storm Troopers in Star Wars!
Either way, may the Force be with you and tight lines to those fishing…


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