Salmon Fly Presentations

Thanks to Rune Andre Stokkebekk for reminding us that we don’t have to be boring casting machines. My own view is that we do do those different things to get a salmon to take and often in the intensity of the moment this is forgotten or set aside for a winter fireside thought. But let’s pull it out now. Read this and my favourite bit is casting to a known salmon in a lie just to the edge of the window of vision then bringing on a sort of induced take by speeding up the fly.
Tight lines Henry

Text & Photo: Kieran Conlon – Guideline Power Team Ireland

Cast down and across at 45 degrees, upstream mend as we where taught by our forefathers, fly swings across and we repeat the same process over and over again. If we are lucky we may even catch a fish or two.

For many this is how we fish the fly when attempting to catch that great prize, the Atlantic Salmon, and yes it certainly worked when our fathers were fishing for Salmon and most rivers had great runs of fish. It still works today too but there is much more that we can do to increase our chances.

So what’s wrong with the old ways, well down and across at 45 degrees with an upstream mend serves to slow the fly down as it traverses the current, in other words it fishes the fly slowly. This technique was also employed…

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