MV: one before breakfast


Last Thursday morning I found myself awake at what is 4am UK time (7 in Russia). I thought Where on earth am I? Middle Varzuga camp that’s where, and breakfast is served in an hour.

I remember briefly wrestling with the Kola conundrum. I still have two full days’ salmon fishing and that’s a lot of fishing. And yet I could get a fish before breakfast by dint of simply slipping on my thigh waders and walking the two minute walk to the Generator pool (well five or six minutes to the productive fast water at the head, just down from the Diamond rock for those who know it).

Well I chose fish and I got fish. On a Phatakorva tube-fly. A typical bright Varzuga grilse that jumped repeatedly and was returned quickly with time for a quick photo as it recovered.

Fishing pal Gordon ‘I’m from Watford but don’t sound like I am’ waved at me from further down the bank, he had one or two I think.

Breakfast, attended a respectable ten minutes after eight, tasted good.




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