Fast fading into the past but Nith up next


A fish on my first full day on the Varzuga, Sunday 22nd June. And a great pose by guide Ivan. Photo by Terry Mallin.

MV fish1withCalvinsShrimp

Okay my very first fish of the week, on the Saturday night before dinner, was also a grilse. Caught on a Calvin’s Shrimp tied by Ross Macdonald.

Most of the fish subsequently were bigger (a really good average size of 8 or 9lb?) and brighter than this one but I had not got my eye in after a seven month layoff and this, my second, was important, not least also because I lost about five out of my first seven fish hooked thanks to some truly terrible wee tube doubles I was using, barbless, and the salmon just seemed to fall off! Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Next up the River Nith, which is low at the moment and not huge prospect of rain but there are showers up there for the next week

and encouraging reports of sea-trout about, boosted by news from Glyn Freeman on the Cumbrian Eden of some strong sea-trout action with nice fish of 5 and 6lb reasonably active.

I’ve still been unpacking a few last bits from Russia & here are some mangled veteran flies (below) that caught many of my fish, still damp from Varzuga river water when I took this photo, and festooned with notes as to catches: a Phatakorva tube that nailed me five in fast water up at Clark’s on the last afternoon still looking tasty!



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