Small but good on Gaula


I have been fishing the Gaula a fortnight later than this week just gone of July 20 to 27 over the past couple of years, but on the link here is a nice description of extremely low water fishing on this normally grand Norwegian river reduced to a trickle but with some beautiful little grilse still running it.

Pictured here is a small grilse taken on a trout rod and dry-fly by regular Norwegian Flyfishers’ Club guest Rolf Frischknecht from Switzerland who flicked his dry flies about hard and eventually met with success, catching a couple of decent sea-trout to boot.

Click on the link above for the full report on the club’s website but with air temperatures over 30°C during the days and at nights over 20°C the dry-fly specialist did the ever-important trick when salmon fishing gets difficult: try something different.

Rain is forecast out there on Wednesday this week so tight lines to the team and guests, and not least Bernd Kuleisa and his fly-fishing students. Even though I am sadly not going out this summer (back next year) I shall think of Bernd fishing the Home pool  in the gloaming, just a glow and the aroma of fine tobacco drifting across the water from his pipe.

STOP PRESS: Just had a tweet from Matt Hayes at Winsnes a bit further up the Gaula valley: ‘Tough here with Gaula lower than I have ever seen it. We got 9 fish last week. A miracle. I caught two on single hand in rapids this week.’

Meanwhile, here are some very happy memories from previous summers out in the Trondelag – got a bit carried away but you can’t blame me wanting to relive this wonderful place:



David Hopley on the famous Bridge Pool.


One from the Railway pool, which hammered a fast-stripped Templedog. Thies Reimers took the pic before we quickly returned him. 2011 I think that was.





It wasn’t a prolific summer in 2012. But when the fish came it came: Bridge pool heaven.


Celebrating at Langoy beach on August 31, 2012, with Enrico Cristiani, Trond, David H and crew, Per Arneberg taking the shot.


The first-ever visit to Tilseth House in 2009, and our pukka little Budget hire car parked outside. Subsequent Rent A Wreck vehicles were a bit rougher but all more or less worked, my one requirement always being they had a decent CD sound system for the soundtrack to Gaula: anything from Marillion to Deadmau5, The Remixes!

View from the Home pool shelter taken as I enjoyed a euphoric lunch after my fish.

View from the Home pool shelter taken taken just after I caught a late-season 12lber (pictured below)  in 2011.


Low on blood sugar but still a happy memory after Charles ‘Charlie’ Cooke found this packet in the back of the car for me when I complained I wasn’t fishing another cast without something to eat! The year was 2009, my first trip out there and a very happy one even if I don’t look it here!


Home pool, Maela. Orvis Helios rod. Intermediate Rio AFS, long 15lb fluoro leader and a Park Shrimp tube. Jag jag!


The Orvis and Hardy show; with a Park Shrimp battered by use and a few salmon to its name.


Phil Jones teetering on the edge of the Tilseth terrace in 2012 in what was a very happy and convivial week.

A nice looking fish it was

Sadly had to take this deeply-hooked fish – one of 3 grilse caught in one August week in 2010.


Waiting, waiting. Go on, make my day (week/season!)

A rest in the driver's seat before going down to fish the Junction. But what about that view?

A rest in the driver’s seat before going down to fish the Junction. But what about that view?



How I became hooked on Gaula: my first-ever Norwegian fish, Renna pool, late-August 2009.


Talking with Manfred Raguse during a break from filming Gaula: RIver of Silver and Gold in 2011.



A good moment at the right-bank tail of Home pool: early August, 2012.



Beautiful light on Renna two days before the end of the 2012 season.


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5 Responses to Small but good on Gaula

  1. René Koster says:

    Hello Henry,

    We have met on the Gaula we where in the tilseth house me and my father in 2009
    Nice blog you have there! I see you stil go there, we where on Gaula last year on a private beat
    With Norwegian friends, the rest of the years we where on the mandal river in the south of Norway.
    We did wel there, this year was not the best i had one 5 kilo and one 7 kilo, and lost two.
    My father had one of 3,5 kilo and lost one.

    René Koster from Holland.

  2. henrygiles says:

    Hi René,

    Thanks for your message – great to hear from you and I’m glad you and your father have had some good success on the Mandal.

    I’m also glad you chose to comment on this post as I went a bid mad with the photos but of course the pics go right back to 2009 with the pic of Tilseth house where we were also staying. Do you also remember Charles Cooke? Heck of a nice chap I’m sure you do!

    Anyway do keep commenting/following – in fact I hope you are an official follower of this blog! If not please follow and join an exclusive club of 55 and you’ll get reports of my last week of the season in early October here. And other stuff!

    Best Henry

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