Friday photograph

MVWednesdaypurplepatchIt had been a, for Middle Varzuga, relatively quiet afternoon interlude. After picking up a fish from Party pool after lunch wading, we had fished a bit from the boat in lower Generator and it had all gone quiet.
So I suggested to Ivan I’d like to spend the last hour and a half wading and I headed up to the very top of Generator pool.

I had on an RS Tiger fly – part of a Green Machine swopsies Terry M and I had enjoyed at lunchtime, and now here I was fishing it off an intermediate shooting head in Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 12.38.03cool, windy conditions.

To cut a long story, it worked and worked well. Four fish later (three caught and released including the one pictured here, and one which I had to take for the kitchen which swallowed the fly into the gills), I retired for dinner at about 7.30pm. Great, great sport with hard fighting salmon leaping and pulling in the cool flow leaving much to celebrate, not least a fantastically effective dressed double. So thanks Ron Sutherland, who I believe invented the fly, and Terry.


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One Response to Friday photograph

  1. moyfisher says:

    Hi Henry
    Thanks for reminding me whats its like to catch a salmon (LOL), Its dire over here and it looks like continuing for another while until we get water.
    All the best

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