Or killer whale as I have always called them.

Here’s the latest from Paul on the Isle of Lewis:

ORca_1_16-08-2014_07-29_ copy

“No fish yesterday. Well aside from a small Finnock. Still, saw a pod of orca off the shore. Tried a Toby but… well it was ambitious attempting to cast that far with a 30g rod…”

Tight lines Paul and meanwhile I keep watching FishNith and similar sites for news that the salmon are arriving in the Solway. There’s just been the one caught at Barjarg last week but one fish is a lot better than no fish.

As any fisherman (any orca?!) will tell you.


Very nice Lewis trout looks bigger than 1lb to me, Paul! (See below.)

This from Paul last night:

“Getting keen for a fish I turned to the trout pending more rain to bring in the fish. Lewisian fish rarely disappoint. Silver, brown or salty they are in abundance.

“Briefly the sun came out for the first time in two weeks so I took a selfie and some snaps of the lochside.

“Oh, and a brownie. Don’t be fooled by the size of the salmon net mesh. That’s a full width boat seat the fish is hanging over, a real wild pounder. Thankfully heavy rain is falling again now so its early to bed and first thing in the morning the fish will be running.

Paul in his wind-resistant hat

And from the Nith:

Nith – Beat catches reported (week ending 16th August)
SALMON & GRILSE: Friars Carse 4, Dalswinton 4, Blackwood 3, Barjarg 1. Total: 12
Largest: Blackwood 17lbs

SEA TROUT: Friars Carse 7, Barjarg 1. Total: 8 Largest: Friars Carse 3lb.


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