Window on the Spey

DCIM100GOPROAs the world disintegrates around us (it’s always been doing that; I think we’re getting used to it) I have been playing around with picture editing, a favourite pastime. This one I particularly like – a view of the River Spey I took from my bedroom at Laggan House in June last year. Somehow the original picture, taken on my entry-level GoPro camera didn’t quite get the feel of it, but when I cropped right in, I realised you could see the river quite clearly through the trees. That, and the ‘hunting lodge’ walls of Laggan, the lead guttering and the lovely old sash windows just brought back an intense memory of a wonderful few days with friends.

wpid-20130617_112504.jpgAnd although we caught only four or five salmon between us, one of those was my first-ever Spey salmon, a fresh-run beauty of 10lb which I caught and released on a Park Shrimp tube-fly (left) on the Carron and Laggan water.

I hope to return in June next year by which time Scotland could be a somewhat different place. Or will it?

Hope everyone is well, if not catching fish. I do feel a bit sorry for those autumn, prime time rods on the Tweed and elsewhere who are fishing 1,000 casts for their salmon in the achingly prolonged low water spell. I have my Nith week about 3 weeks from now. Three weeks for the autumnal equinox to bring in some Atlantic rain and yes, amid all the uncertainty, I live in hope.

My pukka hire car, Carron bridge in the background behind the Laggan fishing hut.



I decided to go down to the river after dinner one evening. And I didn’t regret it for, although fishless, I captured this shot.


Lupins of Speyside in June: heaven.
Christopher again casts over hallowed waters.
My host Christopher playing a salmon hooked not long after my fish, also from Big Griggles. I was able to gillie and we C+R’d another ten-pounder for a good first morning’s work.

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