Sabacchi fall-guys

2014-09-22 11.58.49

Charlie White of Roxtons today sent me this picture he took last week of Sabacchi rapids at Lower Varzuga camp on Russia’s Kola Peninsula. Charlie took a group out to again test the autumn run and it seems like the best shot at this autumn session so far over the past two or three years as the rods caught seventy something fish in the first three days. And even though the rain – and yes, snow – came in after that (and presumably the river which looks low here, dirtied up and rose) the team managed another 15 or 20 in the second three days so it sounds like a lot of fun was had. I’m sure a full report will turn up shortly on

A dirty, rising river might sound like heaven but of course in fishing you must be careful what you wish for – or rather what I wish for on the Nith next week. As I write the river is at rock-bottom summer low – as low as it was in July – but some heavy rain is forecast and I know what can happen. Once it starts raining up there in October it sometimes never stops. Would still rather that than total bare bones water with the fish (a lot of them by all accounts) stuck in the tidal down at Dumfries at least getting up to Closeburn and swimming around through my feet. In chocolate light brown moccha water.

How will I get on? Watch this space, I’ll try and shoot a blog or two from the, ahem, washroom facilities.

abitphotshppdBurn pool

Last year’s Nith salmon, from Burn pool, the only one of the week. Good water levels but very clear and few fish about. 


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