You’d look like this too…

DCIM100GOPRO…if you’d just seen the weather forecast.

It is finally the eve of my long-awaited Nith week. The usual plan of driving up on the Sunday has been knocked back by contemplation of a fairly severe weather forecast including six hours or so of heavy rain and near gale-force winds starting this evening and running until noon tomorrow. With this adding to Friday’s deluge I thought I’d turn the knob forward 15 hours or so and leave early tomorrow morning – getting to mid-Nithsdale, and my beat, in the afternoon. A 5 or 6 foot flood after weeks and weeks of summer low will have brought fish up from the Solway Firth, no question, but the river will be flooded and brown by tomorrow. Maybe okay by Tues and Weds, let’s see.

Sitting in my kitchen in Cambridgeshire and charging the GoPro on the MacBook I took a picture to check all was working. The old place was looking quite nice and you can see the sunny weather outside which is fun. I might have shaved but what the hell? It proves I can look pretty ropey before a fishing trip too.

DCIM100GOPROI’ll report from up there but if there is a big silence it probably means I’m staring at a motorway of lurid brown water with trees floating down it lapping at the flood banks and fishing has not been possible. Still it’s good to be there – and I shall be.

And that’s what counts in this strange but compelling sport.

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2 Responses to You’d look like this too…

  1. Nick Winter says:

    Henry: Tuesday and Wednesday look better but enjoy anyway! Nick

  2. henrygiles says:

    Nick, Thanks: I’ve settled on a plan to get up at 4am tomo and be on the river by 11am. Sad to miss the top off my week but it should settle in with Wednesday a good chance for a fish on our high-water beat 3. Hope you are well, good to see you briefly in the summer.

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