Am I a mug?


I must be. Haven’t seen a fish for two days. But ‘they’ said they’re catching fish on the lower river and ‘they’ (salmon forum website) said fish are now running the Nith but are ‘difficult to catch’.
‘Difficult to catch?’! You have to laugh.
Still I am loving it up here as always. Family and friends, including ‘Varzuga’ Paul are sending encouraging messages along the lines of: Keep the faith. Don’t get depressed.
That sort of thing, useful stuff!
Paul also said: Henry, fish the fly, just don’t spin, ever.
Sort of a spin (ha ha) on Rabelais’: “Beuvez toujours, ne meurez jamais.”


Dumfries at Whitesands. Today.

Gonna give it one more go, WITH THE FLY! A red conehead, Paul.   


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2 Responses to Am I a mug?

  1. Christopher Lloyd says:

    Henry, seems salmon have lost their appetites for the fly . Miramichi is sticky but quite a few – by comparison- caught at this back end and most big – 20-30 lbs . Off to fish the Cains this afternoon – hopefully Moores where you had your Miramichi experience . It,s full of fish according to Gary Colford-

    Otherwise we live off memories of Pippa,s fish 4 weeks ago . Atleast we now have some rain which has livened it up a bit

    Good luck on the Nith . Back in UK next week for six weeks so maybe we gather . I hope so



    • henrygiles says:

      Christopher, Very good to hear from you. Tight lines on the Cains. It must be beautiful out there.
      These last 2 days give me my best chance, water in good order now, just need fish!

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