Last day innit


Yesterday on Beat 2 offered level-pegging water levels pepped up by extraordinarily heavy showers.


I took this picture of the showers at their heaviest from the haven of our hut.

Perhaps I should have taken one of the stunning rainbow and sun that followed soon after.


I concentrated on Burn pool, fishing the same Park Shrimp that brought me a 10lb salmon last year but this time nothing.

So now down to Beat 3 for the famous last chance saloon that has often – well not often but you know what I mean – worked for me before.

Then down to York to see the loved ones.

Feel quite hopeful actually that in this strange salmon year something big, silver and angry may yet grab my fly in Lower Craigs or Thornybank..


Otherwise that’s it for 2014.


About henrygiles

Born to fish forced to work and fish
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2 Responses to Last day innit

  1. moyfisher says:

    Hi Henry
    Sounds like you had a grueling time with the fishing, its something we have all experienced this season. Most of my non fishing friends reckon its character building?
    All the best

  2. henrygiles says:

    Paul, Spot on and thanks for the solidarity. Truly gruelling. In time I will love the low for the highs it brings into relief. All I want is to see a late run of fish into the rivers now. And the Nith..

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