Dreich on the Nith


Beat 2 at Closeburn, October 2014.


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Born to fish forced to work and fish
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2 Responses to Dreich on the Nith

  1. moyfisher says:

    Hi Henry
    If that was a scene in Ireland during July we would call it a nice soft day but in October I’m sure it was a thoroughly miserable day.
    Tight Lines

    • henrygiles says:

      Paul, Thanks. It was actually raining very hard indeed – I was trying to capture it on my phone camera but don’t think I did in the low light. A fellow rod had gone the 3/4mile walk down to our Burn pool and I realised he would just have mistimed it spectacularly for the rain. He duly returned soaked through and, fishless (well, we all were, it being 2014), called it a day. I felt bad for him, as I had by pure fluke spent the one-hour duration of the rainstorm ensconced cosily in our Beat 2 hut, with the plaid yet warming flame of the stove fuelling coffee and bacon sandwiches.

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