Pulling stumps


Well it’s been a nice four days on the Nith, but heavy overnight rain has made the decision to head home for us.
But not before catching a sea-liced 7lb salmon yesterday so always happy with a July fish..
Back in October with another blog from the bog…

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Born to fish forced to work and fish
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4 Responses to Pulling stumps

  1. Christopher Lloyd says:

    Well done Henry . These days a fish is a result and encourages us for the next visit

    I have three so far on the Beauly but it,s very poor on the whole . 7 in all for our party of 5 but a happy family party

    Back next week and will be in touch



    • henrygiles says:

      Cheers Christopher,
      We’ve just returned home after an epic drive via eastern England thanks to a snarl-up at Doncaster. Congrats Beauly sounds fun. Henry.

  2. moyfisher says:

    Well done Henry, nice to get up and running. Tight lines for the rest of the season.

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