Thanks chaps! Now I’m readjusting to normal life again :C

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The good people at WordPress have awarded me this gong so thank you those among you who kindly deign to, like, ‘like’ my posts. Good for morale anyway and I rate morale and the boosting thereof as a priority in life. Hope you are all having a good Monday – I am, I’m back at work but it’s sinking in what a really enjoyable week it was last

week with my father up in D&G and after all a sea-liced salmon ain’t such a bad prize. Inevitably the reaction in the office was: Is that all? One fish!? (Or as art editor, Claire, from Blackheath, put it smiling sweetly: “Ooh I don’t think I’d like to sit there all those days with nothing happening.”) But as a fisherman I know how much worse it would have been had I caught NOTHING!! (Something that’s happened many times in the past.)

20150717_113756By the way if you look at the river behind me in this absurdly bad selfie I took on the Thornhill bridge before we drove south on Friday you will perhaps understand why we pulled stumps with the river still rising fast at about 10am.

The other reason I show this is to prove to Theo, editor of the Flyfishers’ Journal that I’m wearing his Urban Trout branded hoodie: perfect for Northern camping, Theo, ta!


Later this week I’ll report on the exploits of a friend fishing Birgham Dub on the Tweed, Thurs to Sat incl. He kindly invited me but alas the responsibilities of being a fishing owner are that you need to be at your own fishing and not lording it at some posh Tweed beat catching four times as many!

Does that sound bitter? It’s not meant to.


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2 Responses to Thanks chaps! Now I’m readjusting to normal life again :C

  1. Theo says:

    Superb, Henry, that lucky Urbantrout hoodie looks right at home on the banks of a salmon river! I’ll be wearing mine on the Annan and Ken a little later this season too…

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