Flights booked for Halifax, six weeks to go

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 11.42.14wpid-photo-1.jpeg

“Every fly fisherman should have the opportunity of fishing the Cains River at least once in their lifetime.”

I’m not sure whose quote this is but it appears on Byron Byzie Coughlan’s Country Haven Lodge website.

I am lucky to be set for a second visit in September and flights from Heathrow to Nova Scotia are booked so hopes are high to reprise the scene pictured here. (Playing a 15lb salmon on the River Cains in low water in 2012.)

My guide that day was legendary Miramichi man Gary Colford, whom we’d ‘borrowed’ from Country Haven Lodge.

Perhaps readers of ‘The Adventure’ would like to join me out there in the future? Watch this space but meanwhile enjoy this short Gary Colford video link which has tantalising glimpses of the beautiful, wild country of New Brunswick, here. C’est formidable!


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2 Responses to Flights booked for Halifax, six weeks to go

  1. moyfisher says:

    Hi Henry
    Hope you have a successful trip. Look forward to seeing plenty of photos!
    All the best

    • henrygiles says:

      Thanks Paul, yes I shall go large on the blog with it all as I have not done so much fishing this year I guess. There’s still my October Nith week t/c
      Tight lines!

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