A particularly good Lunn story

Following an evening at the Flyfishers’ last night where we solemnly passed around William Lunn’s ‘World’s Best Fly Rod’ and saw his carefully-tied wpid-20121015_161319.jpgflies including Lunn’s Particular and the Houghton Ruby, I was reading the Telegraph obituary of his grandson, Mick, who died in February.

I found this gem – which I just had to share with you:

Sometimes [Mick] Lunn had to gratify the whims of Houghton Club members. The eminent plastic surgeon Sir Harold Gillies, for example, got it into his head to emulate those Victorian fishermen who had fished the Test from horseback. He co-opted Lunn to chauffeur his Bentley close to the water, while Gillies – standing on the passenger seat with the sunroof down – solemnly cast his fly. “He did rise one fish,” Lunn observed wryly, “but generally we put down every trout for miles.”

Well I enjoyed it!

Also just to say, an interesting fact in the obit was that William Lunn was a former child labourer from Essex, before becoming the Houghton Club’s famous river-keeper in 1887.

That’s it for now.


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2 Responses to A particularly good Lunn story

  1. Christopher Lloyd says:

    Mick Lunn was a great character in Stockbridge and I was fortunate to know him well as he was a great friend of our mutual friend Barrie and I bought fish from him for my John, o gaunt fishery . I used to have him to dinner once a year when I gathered up all my fishery helpers at the Grosvenor Hotel owned by the Houghton Club . Mick always had a good joke to tell after dinner – for which he was famous- I only remember one but it will have to wait until we meet !

    Very bright in New Brunswick but with young grandchildren on the horizon I am not sure how much chance I will have to fish !

    We meet in six weeks!



  2. henrygiles says:

    Thanks, Christopher.
    Readers, I look forward to Christopher’s Lunn joke and shall share it with you all if decent (enough).

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