Looking north to Hedge End


I really like this spot at the top of the Closeburn Castle Fishings. It was 14th July this year and as you can see the water levels (and fishing conditions) were good for midsummer.
This is the fast water between the head of Dick’s Stream over on the far bank just downstream from here, and the fish run up it into the tail of Hedge End, in the middle right of this picture, which is always a good spot to take a resting fish.

Yes the water levels were good on this day, which was the Tuesday. And it brought the fish up, well at least one with sea-lice, which was probably jumping the caul at Dumfries about the time this photo was taken, 48 hours before.

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2 Responses to Looking north to Hedge End

  1. Brad Burns says:

    Love the look of that scene. There is something special to me about seeing a salmon river running through open country. I have nothing against trees, but the open vistas are especially compelling. Brad Burns

    • henrygiles says:

      Thanks for commenting Brad – well it’s one of the most beautiful views in Nithsdale (River Nith, Dumfriesshire, Scotland) in my view. Sometimes I just go up there and sit on the bench right at the top of our beat. There’s always something to watch and it’s nice to think I”m going up again for my October week (just 2 weeks after the Miramichi trip!). I can’t help adding an amusing aside that I think just about the only tree on the Hedge End left bank up there I once managed to lasso a favourite fly (I can even remember it, a red Allys Shrimp) I’d caught a fish on the day before in the upper branches! No chance of retrieving it. It was about 7 years ago – I wonder if it’s still there?

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