The way things were

11822423_993871773991192_8998325508912107193_nI like this picture. I know it’s not fashionable these days to like pictures of dead salmon but this is something I found on a collection on Facebook and I can’t for the life of me remember where I hooked it out from. This therefore raises a couple of issues, not least:

1. Apologies to whoever ‘owns’ this picture that it is not credited: I shall credit it immediately if you contact me.

2. I don’t know where the photo was taken but I suspect it is Norway. The doors/window things on the building behind are clearly not the UK or Ireland for that matter, and frankly, the salmon are so damn big. Really huge fish. Must be Norway. The River Alta springs to mind.

So if anyone knows, please let me know but, yeah I like the shot, it’s awesome really. I would put the biggest fish at 50, and the smallest at 20. Anyone? Comments please.


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3 Responses to The way things were

  1. Christopher Lloyd says:

    Two cocks ,four hens maybe?

    Whatever or wherever it’s a wonderfully understated picture

    It is in fact amazing how recently we were taking pictures of good fish caught and kept in the Spey or the Helmsdale. About 7or 8years ago I well remember taking 5 good fish into Robinsons the Butcher in Stockbridge for smoking .Ourmid June week always had a run of Spring fish in the10-12lb range . My good friend Frances caught and killed a 17lb Salmon that week and we thought nothing of it – especially as the gillie had been the most encouraging of all

    And the Tweed in the Autumn at the lower end was prolific . I had a November week lease of a great pool for25 years and then moved on to a better pool – J- where a catch of hundred big Salmon in the week was not extraordinary. A lot of Boat fishing and a special memory of a 25 lb cock fish in the Bridge Pool at Kelso which towed us all over the River – I killed it of course but then there were so many fish about

    and staying at the legendary Ednam House Hotel in Kelso most beats brought their fish into the Hotel about 5 .30 – the most I ever saw lying in the Hall of the Hotel was 90 fish with hardly a fish under 10 lbs .Alastair Brooks the proprietor then was up staying on the Beauly with me this mid July. We talked a lot about the old days at Ednam

    Lots lots more fishing to talk about when we gather in Canada in three weeks

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    • henrygiles says:

      Thanks for that, Christopher. Yes the lobby at Ednam House was paved with big fish I’m told but even that before my time, or rather I’ve never fished the Tweed in the Autumn. Good times at that hotel tho with Trout & Salmon etc, meeting my godmother for tea once with husband Tony and what I love at the hotel is the huge map on one wall of the southern uplands of Scotland over to the Borders and right in the very corner you can see my beats of the Nith.
      As for the big fish days and numbers, again before my time so look forward to hearing more in New Brunswick in 3 weeks. Henry.

  2. henrygiles says:

    PS Yes Christopher you identified what is also so special about this picture: the understatement.

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