Day 3: On the road in NB


This is the Cains road we took this morning. It goes on for several miles of wild woodland then suddenly dips into the legendary

valley of the Cains and you are at your destination: a small, discreet fishing camp with river banks and their surrounds lovingly strimmed.
We fished in an increasingly warm micro climate, and I had a lesson from guide Danny on fishing the Peach Bomber, then back to the Rapids for lunch.
No fish, but as you’ll understand from the beauty of our destination (see below), this was no problem.



Oh and I did catch a fish, a 3/4lb North American trout (that’s what I’m calling it, it has exotically different coloration compared with British brownies), which I tried to photograph above but you probably can’t make it out,and I also saw a frog and a grass snake, sunning itself on bankside grass, which slid off like it had seen a Gruffalo.

A Gruffalo? What’s a Gruffalo?

Oh never mind, more anon.



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