Kim’s under water


It was very good to talk to Christopher last night on the phone. Christopher, who has twice invited me fishing at his burgeoning camp on Canada’s Southwest Miramichi, as well as on a memorable Spey visit three years ago, sent me this rather beautiful, not to say epic, shot of the truly huge (18ft?) flood they had a week after I visited in September.
The fall colors are there on the right bank of Kim’s, where C has fishing rights.
Or should I say the autumn colours?
The river is obviously huge and although it put the kybosh on catches for a week, fish came through after that, one very big one of 20lb bouncing on to the end of C’s rod at Valentine’s camp on the Cains. 
I hope loyal readers are well and shaping up for an epic Christmas.
Our own family plans include substituting the panto for a visit

to the new Star Wars film in Aldeburgh cinema. Six children, their parents and one grandfather, nearing a big birthday.
I saw the first Star Wars in a cinema in Southeast London in the late Seventies. Another family visit, my 11th birthday I think.
I hope this one’s as good. I’ve heard it might be.


No way through on the Miramichi after the flood.


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4 Responses to Kim’s under water

  1. Nick Winter says:

    Lovely autumnal photo, Henry, thanks. Shows how puny our rivers here in the UK are by comparison. (Usually, anyway.)

    I remember the first Star Wars film too when I was a student at Southampton. I expect we’ll be going to the new one sometime. Saw Spectre at Aldeburgh the other week – a splendid little cinema. Might see you in the ice cream queue.

  2. Bradford Burns says:

    Henry – hello, its Brad Burns. Actually, depending on where on the river you were that raise was closer to 21 feet. A lot of docks, bridges, stairs and boats went down the river that day. Fishing had been quite good just before that. Usually when a big raise comes the fishing begins to recover very quickly afterwards. For whatever reason – magnitude I guess – this one kept them at bay for almost a week. After that, though, it got pretty good for the very end of the season. Hope you make it back next year. Brad

    • henrygiles says:

      Thanks, Brad, for the extra info. I know on the Gaula in Norway, another free-flowing river, with the really big in-season floods they pull everything back from the floods zone. That’s fishing huts, steps and boats and more. Otherwise it all gets carried off. There was a huge summer flood in the crossover from July to August on Gaula in 2012 or 13, I forget but I posted on it here with pictures. Carried away the famous NFC steps of the Norwegian Flyfishers guides house at Laksebu. Back to NB and glad sport eventually picked up. Very much hope to come out next year. Best, Henry.

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