Haven of good sport


Into a 10lb salmon on Brophy pool, River Cains last September.

Last September it was a pleasure to fish the first full session of a visit to the Miramichi in New Brunswick guided by Byron Coughlan, who runs a well known fishing camp on the River Miramichi called Country Haven. It wasn’t just that we all caught salmon that evening. It was good to see Byzie (as his friends know him) after two years away from this wild and beautiful part of Canada.


I first met Byzie in 2012 when we dropped by at Country Haven for a coffee and to see the set up, sited right on the banks of the river. It was immediately clear that the expansive riverside log-cabin premises was a haven of hospitality, warmth and above all the promise of good fishing.

In a seasonal email, Byzie wrote the following:

“We would like to thank everyone who visited us or followed our river reports Miramichi River Reports over the season  We hope your experience was a memorable one and you will visit us again in the future.

“Overall, it was a good a year for Atlantic Salmon fishing on the Miramichi with higher returns of salmon and grilse than in 2014 on both the Main River and Northwest systems so fishermen enjoyed some good fishing in 2015. Guests had a choice of All-Inclusive & Self Catering packages & Access to over 20 private pools on the Miramichi River System throughout the season.

wpid-20150916_195432.jpg“We have some great choices and gift certificates for 2016.”

I have put a link through to Country Haven’s Miramichi River Reports on the home page. See also Flyfishing Atlantic Salmon. www.flyfishingatlanticsalmon.com

Finally, Byzie has a great group of highly experienced guides, including Miramichi legend, Gary Colford.



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2 Responses to Haven of good sport

  1. Brad Burns says:

    Henry – it is great to see Byron and Gary recognized in your blog. Country Haven is a terrific asset to those who want to fish the Miramichi, especially because of the variety of water he has available.
    I can’t tell if the upper photo is the upper end of Valentines “Mouth of Sabbies” or if it is Brophy Pool. They both look similar at that angle. Nice to see the tight line. You will be fishing soon, but over here we are just half way to open water. The lower Miramichi finally froze in solid today. Brad

    • henrygiles says:

      Hi Brad –

      And apologies for the delay replying. Very busy times at the moment in the close-season world of London, work and a wee cold snap, actually, for the first time this winter.

      Thanks, yes it is a pleasure to bring Byron, Gary, not to mention one Brad Burns whose book Closing The Season [https://www.bradburnsfishing.com/closing-the-season/]
      paints such a vivid and informative love letter to ‘fall’ flyfishing in the Southwest Miramichi and Cains rivers.

      Yes it is indeed Brophy pool. The pool which I know you know so well, for obvious reasons. Just up from where the steps were when Christopher L and I fished that evening last September – and were not (the steps) by all accounts following the huge flood just over two weeks later.

      Half way to open water? A nice form of words, may have to blog on that.. But they opened on the River Helmsdale in Scotland yesterday, although the river was too high really. And the Tay opens on Friday. I had been invited to join Brian Fratel’s party but once again had to turn down the promise of a fun-filled 3 days.

      Best Henry

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