Good works by the MSA

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It was good to hear that three fishing friends attended the recent annual dinner of the Miramichi Salmon Association in Burlington, MA and they returned heartening reports of excellent conservation initiatives by groupings of industry and conservational bodies to promote salmon numbers on this great New Brunswick river.


This blogger proudly wears his MSA hat on location last September!

One of many good offshoots of MSA sponsorship is for a scholarship of $10,000 to help a graduate student undertake research into the application of advanced technology and science to keep the river catchment cooler in summer months. Good luck to him (her?).


One of the trio was Brad Burns and his latest Brad Burns Fishing blog post here mentions the MSA bash – but also gives some fascinating information on bomber fishing in high summer on this famous eastern Canadian river. It’s the latest instalment in Brad’s coverage of fishing through the year on the Miramichi. He’s caught a fair few salmon and it is well worth listening to his advice.

Finally I can’t resist reproducing this straw poll among visitors to the MSA site, it’s so darn.. Miramichi! I think my favourite is definitely Ratface MacDougalls.
Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 17.13.35


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2 Responses to Good works by the MSA

  1. Brad Burns says:

    Henry, it may be that the Rat Face M is a relatively obscure choice on the Miramichi, but I am a bit blown away by the lack of votes for the whiskers! Like the bomber the whiskers is the M’s own concept fly, and it has counted for way many humongous salmon over the last 50 years. Few would know what it is, but essentially the fly is an elongated bivisible with tail and wings. The under-body is just floss, and the whiskers depends on hackle to keep it afloat. Of course that is the point. The fly sits deeper in the water than the high-riding bomber, and sometimes that is just what is needed to get some notice. Brad

    • henrygiles says:

      Thanks, Brad, for the extra info on Whiskers. Sitting lower in the water is undeniably effective & more visible to the salmon who are often susceptible to a ‘try something different’ approach.

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