Shooting or fishing?

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Are you a shooting type or a fishing type? Me I’m the latter, of course. But I’ve shot clays three times in the past year, and this picture (sorry about the low quality screen grab) is me at Grange Farm situated on a big estate south of Peterborough. I wrote about it on Chloe’s website, East of England Online, here.

It was a really nice day, last November, because we then went on to a firework party at Rob Waddington’s lakeside gaff on the shores of Rutland Water. Rob is the former drummer of post punk New Romantic Eighties band New Model Army. However, I met him in a pub in Nithsdale one October…

I also shot clays last month, no January I think, at Elveden in Suffolk. Always did like shooting a bit – especially rifles on the ranges when I was in the CCF at school. Probably more than a 12-bore. I have a .22 air rifle at home, break barrel but it’s the most powerful you can get without needing a licence.

But if it comes to a toss up it will come as no surprise to hear it’s fishing all the way which I feel offers the freedom I love (free of social obligation).

Okay, anyone been fishing? I’m not very with it at the moment but I know there are odd fish on the Aberdeenshire Dee, as always the ones they do catch are gorgeous, and big. I know Hendersyde on the Tweed has produced fish with 5 in a week last week to Peter Cockwill.

Paul Rouse sent a good YouTube clip which I watched on the train into London this morning which showed him with a pike he hooked on the salmon DH rod on the Wye recently. I shall ask him if I can post it here. He lost the fish which looked the size of a springer when it jumped, but it made good TV! He returns tomorrow so tight lines that man, and any of the rest of you fishing.


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