Friday photo


It is around this time of year that I start thinking about fishing, more than usual. I found this photo from the archives which I particularly like. I was fishing Clarke’s up on Middle Varzuga’s top beat on the last afternoon of my late-June 2014 visit. Much upstream of here and you would be poaching in Pana’s water (the famous upper Varzuga beat).
Yes the line is hanging loose but I had to take the photo didn’t I? The rock just downstream is called Red Rock. I was told this by Brian Fratel who immediately identified it when I showed him the shot on my phone in Farlows after my return. His next question was: ‘Did you catch a fish down from the rock?’
I’m pretty sure I did. I caught five in that last two hours of the week, quite coloured salmon of about 4 to 6 lb. Great sport though, of course, all on a Phatakorva tube-fly, quite a big one in the fast water.

So tight lines to all those after a springer. Facebook fishing friend Geoff Oldham is up on the Spey at Tulchan. Nice. Tulchan A beat I believe, today. And on Monday there was a salmon caught on fly on the Burgh water of the Nith, according to Fish Nith’s reports section – an 8 lb fish, with another one lost soon after.

Have a good weekend.


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