Up and running on the Kitza

Kitza+dining+roomOn my Russian fishing trips over the past few years I never went to the Kitza. It is a lower tributary of the Varzuga (almost an estuarial debouchement) and  I would like to go one day but meanwhile here is a photo of the new lodge out there posted by Charlie White on his Varzuga blog last week.
What a place to go and what a place to be.


Here’s another shot from Roxtons blog (link on home page below). The water is bubbling through but it’s certainly low for the time of year. Well I say that but it is late May. With hot bright weather

catches are still holding up but the Kitza is top water with its cooler water sourced from a lake upstream.

So how many fish are they catching? A lot. You’ll have to visit the blog to see!


This is a Varzuga trout by the way. Caught on my first trip in 2010. Much rarer than a Kola salmon!




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2 Responses to Up and running on the Kitza

  1. Brad Burns says:

    Hi Henry. Nice looking lodge on the Kitza. It could be on some Gaspe River. The scenery is similar too, though the river is a lot bigger. I’ve got to do some Kola salmon fishing before I need to take a nurse with me. Brad

  2. henrygiles says:

    Yes it’s a big ol’ river in the lower reaches, Brad. Lots of fine Russian carpentry in those camps, which grow ever bigger. They were a bunch of tents for the first few years in the 1990s, before my time.
    Tight lines,

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