Paul on the Kennet


Don’t know if this is a trout or grayling..

I just had to post this, didn’t I? It’s PR limbering up for some end of June sport on the Varzuga by trying out his cane rod, which I have urged him to take out to Russia to use in what could be a very low water week at the middle camp.

He looks very Flyfishers’ Club, I feel. I won’t say any more, except to wish you well on the UK rivers which are getting very low indeed. The recent belt of rain seemingly affecting just my home patch in Cambridgeshire (yard flooded/paradise for ducks), London and the south.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 09.40.04

Stefano with his 10 kilo Gaula salmon: about 22lb. Congrats.

Just to add that the Norway salmon season opened yesterday. I know that Italian maestro Stefano S, with whom I shared Tilseth farmhouse a couple of years back when he caught 7 fish in a very tricky week, caught a nice chunky bar of silver from the Norwegian Flyfishers Club’s E beats, their first of the season, once the ice-melt water started to drop about 11am. Other big “one metre salmon” were caught – and a few huge fish lost – on the lower Gaula and of course on other rivers.

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