Friday photograph

PaulPRitchardDee7539_875416437069982495_oCome on it’s not that bad is it? We’ve nearly made it through Brexit Day 1. So here’s a cool photo courtesy of Paul Pritchard who hooked and released [a Canadian form of words that, me not Paul] a big Dee Springer in the Floating Bank pool of the Tilquhillie Beat on the famous River Dee in Aberdeenshire.

I think it’s an absolute cracker, this action shot taken in April or May this year, with a silver fish jumping and the line and bend in the rod, and the whole video is available on YouTube (just search some of the words above, you’ll find it).

Paul described the fish as powerful, nearly a metre long (well 89cm), weighing an estimated 15lb. He told me: “It made multiple explosive runs after falling for a surface stripped Sunray Shadow before eventually being landed and released after a quick photo. Quite honestly I will never forget this fish; a true jewel from the crown of the Queen of Rivers – The Aberdeenshire Dee.”

Now let’s hope Scotland at least, stays with us. I always reckon islands that are, ‘like’, joined are sort of one entity. Call me old-fashioned.

And that’s as political – or geopolitical – as I’m gonna get.


My Middle Varzuga buddy (of 2014) Paul Rouse, who is lucky enough to be heading out to MV as I post this (he’ll just be getting to Helsinki about…now),  pictured last year at the same camp. Tight lines Paul!





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2 Responses to Friday photograph

  1. Brad Burns says:

    Great photo. Speaking of Canada….we are wrapping up our “springer season” now. It lasts about a whole month. It was pretty good, though, with more fish showing than the average June on the Miramichi. The earlier run rivers up on the Gaspe did very well.
    Two weeks ago we had water temps around 50F but today they hit 77F, such is the variability of summer temps in Eastern Canada. Brad Burns

    • henrygiles says:

      Hi Brad,
      Thanks for the update from the Miramichi. Fish numbers sound encouraging.
      Yes it is a wonderful image of playing a salmon isn’t it? Paul Pritchard done good there.

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