The fish are in


Nice fly water at Caulbeck on the middle Nith in July

Four salmon to 15lb and four sea trout to 3lb were caught at Dalswinton on the Nith on Monday according to Fishpal. Then a 17lb salmon from Friars Carse on Wednesday and a brace of sea trout to 5lb. Also on the website there’s a report of two salmon hooked and lost at Friars Carse on the Monday evening, on the trout rod, with a couple of sea trout to lessen the blow. So it seems that, after a low-water month of June the water coming Red-Buttthrough in this first week of July is at last kicking the season into life. Of course every day that passes now brings on stronger runs of fish. In theory at least.

All in all promising for a bit of action with the fly rod when I go up the week after next and I’ll post some photos here in due course although with all fish being returned don’t expect too much from any fish shots! Just the odd blurred tail or splashy exit. (Oh no, why did I write that, gotta go and catch them now and I’ve just made it harder!)


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