Scotland’s summer bounty

IMG_0219Braewater on the Spey brought good water for fishing friend Christopher this month. Levels fell from 1’6″ to 4″ and in slightly coloured water a cast in Lower Dipple on Thursday with a size 6 Castle Killer brought this nice silver summer salmon. Christopher said “We averaged 3 fish a day all above 10 pounds and most in the high teens.”

Gillie Hugh Stevens holds Christopher’s fish.

Elsewhere, FFC friend Neville managed seven sea-trout and three salmon at Tillmouth, fishing with another club member and friend, Chris Lapsa, about three weeks ago. Neville observed they were “a bit early” but with Scotland’s most famous autumn river system you could say that all summer couldn’t you?

Dad and I head up to the Nith next week. No chance to Blog from the (campsite) Bog – because we’re staying in a hotel!


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4 Responses to Scotland’s summer bounty

  1. Jill Giles says:

    That is a very fine photo at the top of your blog. It makes even your mother want to be there.

  2. moyfisher says:

    Hi Henry,
    Hope your trip to Norway goes well, good chance of a big one.
    All the best

    • henrygiles says:

      Hi Paul. Just got back. It was wonderful, so good to be back. A friend and I caught four salmon best a sea liced 15. All released. Not forgetting a 30 caught by Bowie ‘s original young American. . Postubg shortly .

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