Back and Beyond

Simon Kitcher and Christopher discuss tactics on Gaula’s G1 bridge.

Well I’m back. From Norway. It was.. words fail me. Good, really good. And special.

Grilse perfection off the tide.
Grilse perfection off the tide.

So what happened? It rained. And we caught some fish. And we met some great guys especially Pierre from Switzerland, who is cool.

What else happened? We stayed in Per Arneberg’s marvellous lodge. We (I) stayed up very late each night drinking nothing stronger than coffee. We looked

Christopher's  'Robjents' flybox.
Christopher’s ‘Robjents’ flybox.
C casts on beat E7, where there was a double hook-up our first night (not by us!). And a colossal fish was lost after it went down under the Kval bridge then sawed the leader to shreds on a rock :O

on in admiration as the Young Americans drank hooches of beer yet still caught fish throughout including a 31-pounder (you heard).

And we met Supa Guide Simon K, outwith whom there is no Gaula knowledge worth knowing.

20160807_112931What else? We waded barefoot for the hell of it. C caught a grise of 6lb dripping with sea lice and I went up to Bogen Sondre 1 the next morning (Friday) and tossed Ross’s Calvin’s Shrimp out on an intermediate shooting head and long leader and caught a sea liced 88.5cm/ 7 kilo salmon (below, I know it looks remarkably similar in composition to the grilse photo above; I’d like to claim I’m making a supra-esoteric artistic point, but I’m not :S).


Of course, it was not just about fishing. After a 3 year absence I was able to catch up with Per, Thies, Daniel, Mikael. And I nearly caught up with Herr Raguse.

The Gaula was in good form. After two of the worst seasons on record, which included my last visit in ’13, she has shown her class. This season has given steady fishing for big silver fish and it’s worth noting the 31-pounder was only the second biggest fish of the season on the Norwegian Flyfishers Club’s rotation beats.

By the way the title of this post has several meanings. I was back on the Gaula for the first time for 3 years. The trip went beyond previous experience in that I caught fish on E beats and Bogen Sondre pools. And Back and Beyond is also a tribute to my favourite coffee: Black and Beyond (try it, you can get it in Waitrose!) In beans/ grind it.


A wreck rented. Christopher in attendance at the tailgate, down on the NFC E beats at Kval. The car had an unfortunate habit of self locking with the keys still inside.
Killer Calvin’s at BS1. Friday, about 10:30 am. (When I say ‘kill’ all four fish were released!)


Going back. Thirty miles from Trondheim fjord and sea-liced. 88.5cm which according to the Reddvillaksen measure is 7 kilos (15lb) for a fresh fish. Yay.

2 thoughts on “Back and Beyond

  1. hullo Wray!
    Tis the voice of your sister.What a splendid thing is this blog.Fabulous pictures and lots of fushing gobbledeegook :S] [that’s for me,you understand].it all sounds so scarily PRO fessional;am impressed however.Now what doI do.Never having replied to a blog in my life before…KX

    1. Dear Kate, Glad you have found your way to this portal into the esoteric workings of the flyfishing world. ‘It’s just thoughts, really…’ (Paul McGann in Withnail & I). And pictures but it’s a good way to keep in touch with my fishing pals in a way that provides some alternative to Mark Zuckerberg’s FB (for one).
      Did you see the link to your website under Websites of interest?
      Any HSA loyal followers reading this take a look at My sis’s website. She’s an artist. That’s the name of the link.
      See you soon – H

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